Study Tips (3/29/2017) - Hello everyone! Studying for a test is definitely not one of my favorite things to do, BUT it has to be done right? So today I want to share some study tips with you! I’m definitely not a studyguru or whatevvs, but I definitely learnt some things along the way to help me focus and …

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A fresh start (2/19/2017) -   Hello Everyone! As you can see, things have changed slightly around here. During December I thought about what I wanted to do with this blog. It started out as a little experiment over the summer holidays but it turned out I really love writing and sharing my photography. I thought I wanted to go …

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Ace & Tate glasses (11/27/2016) - Hello Everyone! I have bought these new glasses and I’m totally in love with them! I usually wear contacts, but some days I like to wear my glasses. Just because I don’t feel like wearing my contacts or because I think my glasses look nice with the rest of my outfit. Ace & Tate have …

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Autumn leaves (11/20/2016) - Hello Everyone! The last few leaves are falling, so I grabbed my last chance to go and take some photos of the autumn trees. The weather is getting a lot colder the past few days and it almost feels like winter is around the corner.
Sunday walk (10/16/2016) - Today was SUCH a lovely day! The weather was amazing for this time of the year, it was almost 20 degrees Celsius and there was no cloud to be seen. I went for a walk with my family in the afternoon to enjoy the nice weather.
Mini at home spa (9/18/2016) - After a busy week I love to relax by taking a long warm bath. If you have some time, you can even make it into a mini at home spa. All you need is a bath, a few candles and your favourite products.
Fields of purple & hello september (9/11/2016) - Summer has flown by! It went by so fast. It's not over yet officially, but now that it is september and everybody goes back to school and back to work it feels like summer is over and autumn is waiting for us.