Study Tips

Hello everyone! Studying for a test is definitely not one of my favorite things to do, BUT it has to be done right? So today I want to share some study tips with you! I’m definitely not a studyguru or whatevvs, but I definitely learnt some things along the way to help me focus and …

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Sugarfree blueberry waffles

Hello Everyone! I am a huge sucker for anything sugary and sweet, I just LOVEEEE it! But unfortunately my skin doesn't love it that much. Ever since I noticed that my skin cleared up a lot after eating less sugar, I try to replace store bought sugary snacks with my home made sugar free ones …

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Winter nailpolish faves

Hey Everyone! When it comes to nail polish, I don't wear it too often, BUT I do really love it. I don't own that many, but I do have a few I keep coming back to whenever I do feel like wearing a nice color on my nails. I just feel like nail polish gives …

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A fresh start

  Hello Everyone! As you can see, things have changed slightly around here. During December I thought about what I wanted to do with this blog. It started out as a little experiment over the summer holidays but it turned out I really love writing and sharing my photography. I thought I wanted to go …

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Ace & Tate glasses

Hello Everyone! I have bought these new glasses and I'm totally in love with them! I usually wear contacts, but some days I like to wear my glasses. Just because I don't feel like wearing my contacts or because I think my glasses look nice with the rest of my outfit. Ace & Tate have …

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Autumn leaves

Hello Everyone! The last few leaves are falling, so I grabbed my last chance to go and take some photos of the autumn trees. The weather is getting a lot colder the past few days and it almost feels like winter is around the corner.


Pizza bread sticks

Last summer in Italy I had the most amazing bread sticks! I tried to recreate them so I can enjoy them at home too. They are super easy to make and taste a little like Italian pizza.


Sunday walk

Today was SUCH a lovely day! The weather was amazing for this time of the year, it was almost 20 degrees Celsius and there was no cloud to be seen. I went for a walk with my family in the afternoon to enjoy the nice weather.


Glutenfree chocolate madeleines

When the air gets colder and the rain is ticking against the windows, I like to bake something sweet in the warm kitchen. Recently I thought maybe chocolate madeleines would be nice.


Mini at home spa

After a busy week I love to relax by taking a long warm bath. If you have some time, you can even make it into a mini at home spa. All you need is a bath, a few candles and your favourite products.