Study Tips

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Hello everyone!

Studying for a test is definitely not one of my favorite things to do, BUT it has to be done right? So today I want to share some study tips with you! I’m definitely not a studyguru or whatevvs, but I definitely learnt some things along the way to help me focus and make it just a tad easier. Let’s get into it!

  1. For me, studying begins with a clear mind and a clean environment. When my desk is all tidied up there are less distractions and I can fully focus on studying. It makes me more productive when there’s no mess around me.
  2. What also helps me is some nice stationary, I like it when my stationary matches. It makes me feel like I’ve got everything together and looks less messy so I feel less messy. Kinda the same story as point 1.
  3. Make sure everything you need is within reach. Once again if you’ve tidied everything, you know where all your books and notes are so you won’t have to go look for them in the middle of the process. (Can you tell I like things tidied up already?)
  4. Make a to do list. By doing so, you have a clear overview of what you want do to that day, so you can estimate how much time you want to spend on each task. Also: crossing things of the list gives me a veryyyy satisfying feeling.
  5. Something helpful for making to do lists, is making a weekly planning. This way you know all the things you need to do that week and you can divide them over the days. On the day itself you can make a to do list and add all the little tasks you need to do as well, like answering you email. Things like that don’t necessarily need to be in your weekly planning.
  6. If you want to plan out your day by the minute (just kidding, not exactly by the minute, but you know what I mean) you can make a time table for that day. What I usually do is, I write down the number of hours I want to spend on that particular subject and during that time span, I set alarms on my phone. I set myself the goal to concentrate for as long as the time I set, and then when my alarm goes off I take a little break (they are soooooo important!!!).
  7. Drink enough water. It’s really important to hydrate your body, especially since brains take up quite some water. Personally, I get a headache when I don’t drink enough, which is not handy when I want to focus on something.
  8. Put your phone out of sight. This way you won’t be reaching for it every time you lose concentration or when you see you have a message.
  9. Remember what you’re doing it for! Obvs, to pass your test, but there is a bigger goal riiiight? Eventually, you want to get your degree and get your dream job! Don’t lose that out of sight.
  10. Last but not least: relaaaaaaaaax. You need some rest every now and then so your brain can process the things you’ve learnt. You can also recharge so you’ve got new energy to continue or to start the next day. I like to go outside, do a work-out, talk to whoever is in the house or watch a youtube video and have some nice food.

Okay, this is the last thing I promise! It’s not really about studying itself which is why I called point 10 the last one. But this thing is also really important: sleep. You need enough sleep to be able to concentrate and feel motivated and energetic. During your sleep, your brains process all of that information which is really important to actually remember everything. So it’s a better idea to go to sleep in the evening instead of pulling an all-nighter just to have extra time to study. (side note: hopefully these tips will be helpful so you don’t need to pull all-nighters but finish everything in time during the day 😉 )

PHEW! That’s it! I really hope these tips will help you with your studying! I wish you all the best for your future exams!!

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