A fresh start


Hello Everyone!

As you can see, things have changed slightly around here. During December I thought about what I wanted to do with this blog. It started out as a little experiment over the summer holidays but it turned out I really love writing and sharing my photography. I thought I wanted to go bigger, with hosting and designing my website exactly the way I wanted to.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite turn out the way I imagined it. Blogging is a hobby for me, I just love to write and photograph in my free time. With my new website, all my spare time went in to protecting my site from attacks, updating programs, updating protection and a lot of computery bits I didn’t quite understand. It was very frustrating and I realized even though I had a blog, I barely spent any time at actually blogging and that made me really sad. I doubted for a few days about what to do next because I’m not a quitter and I didn’t want to give up after one month. But I sat down and thought to myself, the point of the whole blog thing is to entertain myself and others, to write about things and share things that make me happy and maybe make others happy with it too. So I guess for now, building a whole new blog was just one step too far.

Sometimes I just get so enthusiastic about things that I just dive into it without thinking of all the practical things. Does this mean I’ll stop blogging? Definitely not! On the contrary! It inspired me to get back into writing and photography. For now, I’ll be blogging here. I’ve kept my domain name, but I’m thinking about changing it in the future. Even though I don’t have complete freedom when it comes to web design, I’m okay with my current layout. In the end, it’s the content that matters and I feel like I lost that out of sight with the new project. Sometimes you just got to take small steps to get where you want to be and figure it out along the way.

I hope to see you around!

Love, Caro



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