Ace & Tate glasses

Hello Everyone!

I have bought these new glasses and I’m totally in love with them! I usually wear contacts, but some days I like to wear my glasses. Just because I don’t feel like wearing my contacts or because I think my glasses look nice with the rest of my outfit. Ace & Tate have got some really nice glasses, so when I went out to look for new ones I knew I definitely had to take a look there.

You can order their glasses online, there is even an option to order 5 different frames to try on at home. I went to an Ace & Tate store, because there is one not too far away from where I live. Also, I knew I probably would want to try on more than five frames as I’m really bad at making decisions. Their glasses are quite inexpensive compared to other brands, so that’s really nice! I’ve tried on a lot of different ones as they were all so beautiful! After a fun try-on session I’ve chosen for these round dark brown ones, and I’m soooo happy with them!! This is one is called ‘Wes’ in the colour tigerwood.



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