Sunday walk

Hello everyone!

Today was SUCH a lovely day! The weather was amazing for this time of the year, it was almost 20 degrees Celsius and there was no cloud to be seen. I went for a walk with my family in the afternoon to enjoy the nice weather. We walked through the forest which still is quite green, although some orange and brown leaves start to appear here and there (yay!). At the edge of the forest we walked into these amazing fields with golden grass, I had actually never seen these before, even though I don’t live to far away from them. It was a beautiful sight to look over these endless fields of gold. I could hear the wind rustle trough the grass, and see the soft waves it made. After a good 2 hours of walking we went back home to drink some hot chocolate, even though it was still almost 20 degrees. Nothing beats a good hot chocolate after a walk during autumn!







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