Mini at home spa

After a busy week I love to relax by taking a long warm bath. If you have some time, you can even make it into a mini at home spa. All you need is a bath, a few candles and your favourite products. I just love how candles really give you that spa feeling!

Grab your favourite bath bomb, or put your fave shower foam into the bath for a beautiful and lovely smelling bath. I scrubbed my body and my face to make my skin super soft. For my face I also used a cleanser and put on a facemask.

Whilst relaxing in the bath, I like to drink tea out of my favourite mug and listen to some music or watch some youtube video’s. At the moment, my favourite brands to use are The Bodyshop and Rituals. For my face I used a gentle scrub, a cleanser and a yoghurt mask. Afterwards I used a nice day cream for my face and my all-time fave body cream from the sakura range from rituals for the rest of my body.


What is your favourite way to relax?


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