The Body Shop skincare


I’ve been wanting to get some new skincare productslately and I’ve had my eyes on these for a while already. When I saw there was 2 + 1 free on all skincare at the bodyshop I couldn’t wait any longer. I already have another product from the tea tree line, the cool and creamy face wash. That product was amazing for my skin, which is quite special because my skin is kinda complicated (dry and oily patches and very sensitive). But when I was away with my friends on a mini-holiday it suddenly was nearly empty. I ran to The Bodyshop when I got near one, but the cool and creamy face wash is out of the collection. I was so sad about that since I had finally found a cleanser that worked for me. So, I started trying new products again. Luckily, the tea tree line has some other amazing products! I decided to go with the skinclearing facial wash instead. It is a gel-like liquid and it has a really strong scent (boy I needed to get used to that at the beginning). When I wash my face with it, it starts to foam a little. Afterwards my skin feels really clean and a little bit dry. Therefore bought the aloë vera day cream, which is perfect for a sensitive skin. It moisturizes and doesn’t contain any perfume, colourants, preservatives and alcohol. It feels fresh on my skin and leaves it feeling soft. And most important: my skin doesn’t get irritated, hurray!  The free product I chose was the tea tree oil, which I’ve tried before. I put this on one of those painful spots you sometimes  have (or at least I’ve got them, do you?) before I go to bed and the next morning it is almost gone. (This oil can be a little drying so I don’t use it to often)



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