Trentino, Italy

Hello Everyone!

In my previous post I said I would do another post about my holidays in Italy, so here it is! We stayed in the province of Trentino, near the Caldanazzo lake. I went to several towns and villages: Trento, Vicenza, Caldonazzo and Lévico. Caldonazzo and Lévico are quite small, Trento and Vicenza are larger towns. I actually went to Trento twice, once to visit a museum, wander around a bit and look at the architecture and once to go shopping. They have some really nice stores in Trento. I think Vicenza does too, but I went there on a sunday so most of the shops were closed. That didn’t matter to me, it was very nice there anyway. At first it was really quiet and empty in Vicenza, but later in the afternoon there were more people. We sat on the main square for a while, Piazza dei Signori (or at least, I think that was the main square), where I had the most amazing ice cream ever, enjoyed the sun, listened to some street musicians and looked around a bit. Unfortunately I forgot what the name of the lunchroom/café was, but the ice cream honestly was the best I have ever had. The places I went to had lots of cute streets with colored houses, I love that!

IMG_0176 - kopieIMG_0178 - kopieIMG_0315 - kopieIMG_0327 - kopieIMG_0330IMG_0343IMG_0345IMG_0358IMG_0362IMG_0384IMG_0398IMG_0410IMG_0426IMG_0441IMG_0449


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