Verona, Italy

Hello Everyone,

I have just returned from  my holiday to Italy, it was amazing! The weather was really nice. I went to the Caldonazzo lake, which is in northern Italy. The lake was very pretty, the water was a beautiful blue-greenish colour and it had some nice nature around it. A perfect place to sit down and relax during the hot afternoons. I visited some nice cities and villages as well. Since I’ve made a lot of photographs, I thought it would be a good idea to split my journey up in two posts. Verona is the largest city I visited and I took nearly half of all my photos there, so I decided to dedicate one post to Verona. The main thing I wanted to visit was Juliet’s house (from Romeo & Juliet). It was extremely crowded on the small square underneath the well-known balcony, so it was really hard to take a nice picture of it. Inside the house is a museum which I visited, it is designed like the way it was in the film that was recorded in that house. Beside Juliet’s house I went to some churches and other buildings as well. My feet did hurt at the end of the day, but it was definitely worth it.

IMG_0215 - kopie

IMG_0232 - kopieIMG_0247 - kopie

IMG_0254 - kopie
The walls of the tunnel towards Juliet’s house were completely covered in people’s writings

IMG_0260 - kopieIMG_0273 - kopieIMG_0284 - kopieIMG_0291 - kopieIMG_0303 - kopieIMG_0304 - kopie


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