Leiden, The Netherlands

Hello Everybody!

I went to a few places in The Netherlands with a friend the past few weeks. One of them was Leiden, a city on the westside of the country. It looks a bit like Amsterdam, where I’ve been as well, but smaller and less crowded. It has very cute small streets and canals with beautiful canalside houses. It was a warm sunny day so we had lunch outside on a so-called terraceboat, which is basically a terrace on a flat boat on the canal. There are lots of terraceboats in Leiden, something you don’t see as much in Amsterdam. I definitely recommend to have some food or drinks on one when you are in Leiden, if the weather is nice. We wandered through the streets, visited two churches and had some ice cream. We went into a few shops as well. There were also boat tours on the canals which seemed really nice, we didn’t go on one but I would really like to if I ever return to Leiden. I think Leiden is one of my favourite cities in The Netherlands so far. The pictures I took that day are down below, I hope you enjoy them!




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